While some movies and TV shows try to make college seem like one constant party, the truth is that many college students can feel overwhelmed and burdened by a hefty class load or stringent deadlines. The drive to get everything done to get that degree can result in unwanted aches and pains. While you may want to push through the chronic pain, students shouldn’t have to. Here are some ways to avoid these issues, feeling good while you get that diploma.

Stress may be causing you pain.


Experts have found that one’s mental health can have a tremendous impact on physical health. Stress can aggravate symptoms, creating greater discomfort. Deep breathing and meditation are just some ways to give yourself peace of mind and ease concerns you have over getting assignments done in time. However, you may also be able to pass off certain tasks to others to take some of the load off yourself.

If you are trying to finish your undergrad degree or pursuing grad school or law school, college counselling websites can help take some of the burdens off trying to hunt down scholarships or get applications in on time. If you have difficulty reading through the fine print of student loan information, college counselors can take the time to walk you through step by step, eliminating stress and worries about affording that next step toward the career of your dreams.

Don’t rely on medications you’re not prescribed.


As tough as it may be with your schedule, be sure to take time consulting with your physician or other members of your care team. Be sure to stick to your routines when it comes to prescription medication. You don’t want to miss a dosage or rely on substances that are not prescribed to you. This can result in an adverse event that can lead to long-term health issues. However, be wary of any drugs you are taking that could be doing you more harm than good.

Elmiron, an oral medication prescribed for the chronic bladder condition interstitial cystitis, has led to vision loss and other eye conditions for some patients. That’s led people to sign on to a class-action Elmiron lawusit, seeking financial compensation for medical bills accrued because of vision damage brought on by Elmiron.

Healthy habits can help.


Under the pressure of deadlines and studying, you may want to eat whatever you can or stay locked into a chair for hours on end. However, healthier habits are one of the easiest ways to deal with chronic pain. Taking the time each day to get in an exercise routine, or just go for a walk with friends gives time to let off steam. This eliminates risk factors associated with other medical conditions like cardiac and pulmonary ailments.

Eating healthier foods can avoid health issues that extend for a long period of time. A better diet can eliminate any digestive problems that are aggravated by stress. Limiting the use of alcohol can also act as a starting point to make sure you are better addressing your overall health and taking time to focus on issues.

Stay away from screens if you don’t need them.


Vision damage can only be aggravated over time by standing in front of a screen too long. Staring at computer screens can lead to headaches brought on by lighting, as well as issues with your posture from having to hover over a monitor or keyboard. If you don’t need to be on your phone or laptop, take time to stay away from more potential damage. This will give your eyes time to relax. If this ends up turning into a nap, that doesn’t hurt your overall health, either. You’ll spare yourself the pain of being hunched over by lying down.