Something about having a gorgeous gel manicure will just make anyone feel better right away. Sure, you can apply regular nail polish at home, but that’s not the same as going into a salon to get a manicure or pedicure—and you know it. Gel manicures last longer, for one, and the joy of luxuriating in a pedicure chair will give you the energy to face even life’s hardest troubles.

Considering all this, the idea of opening your own nail salon might already be on your mind. At your salon, you could give people the feeling of rejuvenation that you love when you get gel polish on your nails. Wouldn’t it be great to spread some of that joy? Plus, a nail salon is a smart business venture. Despite how durable a gel is, a gel manicure eventually chips, which means that you’ll always have customers coming through your doors for another mani-pedi.

So, how should you go about opening a new nail salon, and what should you be sure to get during the process? There are a few key items and processes to keep in mind for success. Read on, and we’ll let you in on exactly what they are.

You need the best salon equipment out there.


As mentioned above, getting a manicure is only part of the reason that people come to a nail salon. Sure, having your cuticles treated and gel polish applied is great, but it’s the luxurious feeling of being pampered that really keeps people coming back. That’s why you want to make sure that every piece of equipment you purchase for your business is top-notch. Look into several different pedicure chairs before settling on the model that will work for you.

Get the best UV lamp for drying gel nails, make sure that your manicurists are working with high-end cuticle oil. These may all seem like minutiae, but it’s the little things that make big impressions on customers. Of course, you should also make sure that the UV lamps and pedicure spa chairs fit in with the overall décor before picking them out. Taking into account the general vibe of the salon is one of many best practices to use as you set up your space.

Work within a goal-setting framework to achieve business goals.


A spa or salon is a business just like any other. While you may be in it for the passion that comes with creating the perfect pedicure spa for your clients, at the end of the quarter you still have to show gains or you’ll be out of business. Consider using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a goal-setting framework to define how you measure achievement.

The Objective Key Result methodology was brought to huge corporations like Google by Andy Grove and John Doerr and has helped large and small businesses alike understand how to take their achievements to the next level. By using metrics to see if you’re actually attaining the business goals you clearly defined at the beginning of the quarter, you’ll be in a better spot to employ best practices next quarter. OKRs are actually a pretty simple premise when you think about it, and there are options for OKR software thatch streamline their implementation.

Have a few different types of gel polish on hand.


Different strokes for different folks, right? Some people love a certain brand of gel, while others prefer another specific gel brand. This is why it’s a good idea to have a few options for gel polish (and regular polish) on hand at your spa or salon. You can even use these different types of gel and regular polish to build promotions—maybe offering a special price on one brand of polish one month and a special price on another next month. You wouldn’t want a client to make an appointment on your website, only to discover that your nail technicians don’t have the nail polish they’re looking for when they get to your salon.

Social media is the way to find your potential clients.


Speaking of having a website, that’s not all you need, although it’s absolutely necessary. You won’t reach a lot of your ambitious goals if you just set up a website and let it sit there. Make a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, and maybe even a Spotify profile.

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to reach your target audience, and set your sights on having a consistent brand throughout all of your social media posts. Social networking must be a part of your company strategy if you want to increase visibility and meet the ambitious goals you’ve set for yourself.

Opening a salon is an exciting thing to do, there’s no doubt about that. If it’s one of your personal goals, as well as a professional goal, use these tips to find the best way to achieve your objectives.