The beauty supplement industry is on the rise, so whether you already own a business or are looking to start one, you should think about adding beauty supplements to your inventory. As of 2018, the supplement industry was bringing in almost 100 million dollars a year, and that number has only grown since.

While it’s still a developing market, the reality is that what some industry experts are calling “ingestible beauty” is the next frontier of health and wellness. Given that beauty supplements are more profitable than ever, let’s go over some basics about beauty supplements and how you can get in on the action.

Retail vs. Social Media


Traditional retail is starting to catch up, but social media spurred the real beauty supplement boom. In their social media feeds, celebrities, influencers, and models have displayed various products and their results to fans for years. Though the internet was the first to catch on, retail stories quickly saw the profits and started to get into the industry too.

To compete with the online marketplace, Nordstrom launched their new Well Beauty shop, which includes supplements alongside their other products like makeup, aromatherapy, and sleep aids. The strategies for selling these products are similar, no matter whether you’re speaking to a consumer online or in-person.

Since everyone’s needs and bodies are different, education is essential when dealing with these products both online and off. If you’re advertising on social media, you can utilize informational graphics and explanatory text in a post when sharing content related to a product. In a brick and mortar store, having face-to-face consultations, free trials, and events to share information about your newest products can help excite consumers and boost sales when you first introduce beauty supplements to your inventory.

Beauty and Wellness


The popularity of beauty supplements has a lot to do with the recent merger of beauty and wellness. It makes sense— when you feel good, you tend to look good too. Businesses with a focus on beauty are expanding to a more holistic approach to self-improvement. The change in attitude from targeting specific issues to presenting a vision that includes whole-body health marks a trend in the industry.

This approach invites cross-promotional sales and opportunities, where you can show how different products you offer can work together. Potential customers to understand how a beauty supplement fits their lifestyle and how the product can support other aspects of health and wellness like working out, eating well, and using other types of beauty products.

Making it easier for customers to see how your products can fit into their lives is an important part of generating sales. That focus on showing people how they can simplify their day-to-day is spreading to other parts of the beauty industry as well. For example, makeup and eyelash enthusiasts can now eschew traditional false eyelashes for some of the best magnetic eyelashes, sparing customers from the mess of lash glue. No matter what your business, customers want innovative products that make it apparent how they will improve their lives.

Supplements and Your Business


Most stores that sell supplements do not handle manufacturing them, which is good news if you’re looking to get into the business. That also means if you’re looking at investing or adding a supplement line to your store, you’ll need to find a source for your products. Finding a high-quality liquid supplement manufacturer online is easier than ever. Liquid products are desirable because they allow for more concentrated dosing of ingredients like iron and calcium. Do your research! Understand the ingredient list, manufacturing process, and the benefits of each supplement. Being able to communicate these kinds of details to your customers will build trust and help them understand what a beauty supplement can do for them.

Whether the goal is enhancing hair, skin, or nails or boosting metabolism, the right beauty supplements can suit any customer’s needs. More and more, companies are taking a comprehensive approach to market wellness and beauty to their consumers, and that has manifested itself in the emergence of the beauty supplement industry.

Though initially supplements were a niche and primarily advertised digitally, now even large companies like Sephora and Nordstrom are getting in on the trend. If your business has anything to do with health or beauty, it might be time to diversify and consider investing in beauty supplements.