Nerve damage can be extensive and it has become a commonality among many Americans. In fact, almost 20 million Americans experience some kind of peripheral nerve damage. Read more below to learn more about this condition and how you can seek legal help for any damages you may experience.

What is nerve damage, and how can I alleviate chronic pain from it?

The human nervous system is responsible for our well-being and overall health. This is because our nerves support a majority of the body’s complex daily activities such as movement and coordination. Due to this, any form of nerve damage may cause irreversible harm in the form of loss of sensation and nerve control. and sensation. Some symptoms of nerve damage may include numbness and neuropathic pain.

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What is medical malpractice?


Sadly, damage to the nervous system can occur during even the most basic of surgeries. And, as we discussed before, some damage can be irreversible and chronic. If you started to experience issues with your nervous system after surgery, there’s a good chance that you are a victim of medical malpractice.

Most malpractice victims do not seek compensation for damages because they are not aware or sure that malpractice occurred in the first place. Other victims of malpractice waste time before consulting a personal injury attorney, and as a result, the statute of limitations expires. In the state of New Mexico, for instance, the statute of limitations on medical malpractice is three years after the date that the malpractice occurred.

To avoid falling victim to this limited-time frame issued for filing a personal injury lawsuit, contact a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. If you suspect that you or a loved one may be a victim of malpractice but are unsure of what errors to look out for to substantiate this claim, here are some common markers of malpractice.

  • Misdiagnosis. In this instance, the doctor gave a diagnosis for the wrong illness. Malpractice here occurred because the patient received the wrong treatment for their medical condition.
  • Delayed diagnosis. This form of malpractice is similar to a misdiagnosis but in this case, the doctor corrected the error made in the initial diagnosis and set the patient on the correct course of treatment. However, this delay in diagnosis may have exacerbated the patient’s medical condition and caused a catastrophic injury.
  • Failure to treat. This form of malpractice occurred when the doctor failed to provide personal attention to an individual patient. This is common when doctors are attending to many patients at once. In this instance, the doctor may have failed to refer the patient to a specialist e.g. a neurologist for a patient with symptoms of neuropathy.
  • Surgical errors. Examples of these include performing surgery on the wrong patient, making a wrong incision on the nerves or organs, delivering a wrong dose of anesthesia, using non-sterilized surgical equipment, and leaving foreign objects inside the patient e.g. medical equipment.
  • Nerve Damage. If a surgeon accidentally snipped a nerve during surgery, the patient may suffer from nerve damage.

How to hire a personal injury attorney.


Personal injury refers to an instance where an individual suffers physical and emotional harm due to someone else’s carelessness. If this harm results from a medical practitioner’s oversight, this is medical malpractice and is pursuable under personal injury law. Attorneys who litigate these cases are called medical malpractice attorneys or personal injury lawyers.

Seeing that medical malpractice is a form of personal injury, it then follows that medical malpractice attorneys are personal injury lawyers, but not all personal injury lawyers are medical malpractice attorneys. Your personal injury lawyer should have years of experience in the practice area of personal injury claims in your state to ensure that they offer you the aggressive representation that awards you fair compensation.

For personal injury lawyers in New Mexico, visit the Davis Kelin Law Firm. Comprised of two personal injury lawyers who understand how expensive litigation costs can be, these Albuquerque personal injury attorneys do not typically need any form of upfront payment for their services. They only charge attorney’s fees once your case has met a successful verdict. Allow them to help you find the best possible outcome for you as a victim of malpractice.


Financial compensation awarded after a successful personal injury lawsuit include the following.

  • Medical Expenses: The injured person can receive compensation for the cost of medical bills and medical expenses incurred when seeking treatment for the nerve pain and nerve damage arising from the medical practitioner’s negligence.
  • Lost income: The injured party is also entitled to receive monetary compensation for wages lost while pursuing medical treatment because of the defendant’s negligence.
  • Loss of earning capacity: This is awarded if the injured party can prove that the defendant’s negligence has significantly jeopardized their ability to make a living and earn wages in the future, further impacting their quality of life.

When approaching a healthcare provider or doctor for medical treatment, the patient’s expectation is that the doctor will use their expertise to provide them with the highest level of care. It is also expected that the doctor will cause the patient no harm by being negligent. If you have suffered nerve damage as a result of medical negligence, consult your attorney today to explore what compensation is owed to you.