Concussions, while common, can be quite serious if not treated correctly or adequately. These types of injuries can be even scarier and more difficult to deal with if they occur amongst the elderly. If you are a family member or a caregiver to someone in their old age, you have likely worried about the consequences if an elderly person falls and hits their head. 

Many injuries have greater consequences for the elderly than they do to those who are younger. Those who are older will heal from concussions much more slowly than younger folks. If you are a caregiver or are close to a person who is elderly, read on to learn more about concussions among the elderly.

Symptoms Of A Concussion

While some seniors who have experienced a concussion will display moderate to severe bruising, others may not exhibit any visual symptoms at all. However, you should always ask your elderly friend or family member how they feel after they hit their head. Those who have experienced concussion may explain that they are dizzy, have ringing in their ears, or complain of nausea. They may also have difficulty sleeping through the night or could become disoriented.
While not all seniors who have concussions lose consciousness, it is another symptom. Make sure you keep a close eye on them, and if they experience more severe symptoms such as vomiting or seizures, call the hospital immediately.

Concussion Recovery

In order to determine if a patient has a concussion, whether they are old or young, a doctor will need to ask them a series of questions as well as complete an examination. They may even order a CT or MRI scan.

The recovery phase of concussions largely involves a lot of rest, and very little physical activities so as to prevent further damage. While it is not always required, a doctor may recommend that a senior with a concussion stay in the hospital for monitoring or at least have someone at home or in their residence facility watch over them for the first day or two.

A doctor may prescribe the senior with a concussion a prescription to help with any pain. If not, there are ways to manage pain symptoms. CBD oil for concussion can help alleviate unpleasant concussion symptoms, though it cannot necessarily cure the concussion altogether. CBD oil can create a feeling of calm and can reduce pain if used as a tincture, which makes it a viable option for elderly folks who are concussed.

Concussion Prevention

Of course, the best way to treat a concussion among the elderly population is to prevent them from happening in the first place. There are numerous ways you as a family member or caregiver can prevent concussions. The first is by looking into local healthcare facilities that can monitor the senior in your life. Go local, and look for a healthcare facility that is not too far away from you so that you can make frequent visits. If you live in southern Wisconsin, consider a healthcare center in Beloit, WI, rather than in far-away Milwaukee. 
If your senior would prefer to live at home, make sure you do what you can to remove barriers to movement that could cause falls. This includes uneven flooring, rugs, and cords that are not tucked away or taped to the ground. You could also consider enrolling your elderly friend or family member in a physical therapy program or class that would increase their strength, balance, and awareness of their environments. This would reduce the possibility that they could suffer a fall. As always, make sure you closely monitor any seniors in your life who you feel could be at risk for a fall or concussion.