Cases of the coronavirus pandemic are still rising, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. However, you have to get back to making a living. So, it’s a good idea to ensure your office is clean and disinfected to prevent coronavirus. Some occasional dusting and a yearly carpet cleaning aren’t enough to prepare your business for the pandemic.

To have a clean, disinfected facility, you should prevent employees and visitors from contaminating it. So, to reduce the chances of contamination, offer employees protective gear. Encourage masks and gloves and limit the number of people who frequent your space. Hire a company that provides a daily cleaning service. It’s relatively easy and cheap to implement a few cleaning routines into your business operations. Read on for tips on how to disinfect and clean your business efficiently.

1. Hire a cleaning company.


If you would hire a housekeeper or a maid to keep your house clean, why not do it for your business? Much like house cleaning services, a janitorial service can do a deep cleaning job that you may not. To ensure the company you hire does a fantastic job, do a background check before hiring them.

Consider hiring a local cleaning service to ensure you’re getting someone with years of experience in your area. A commercial cleaning company is usually your best bet. However, a local house cleaning company can do a fantastic job at a fair price compared to a commercial cleaner from another city or state.

Several cleaning companies offer both house cleaning as well as business options. It can save time and money if you hire one company to help you get a clean home and a clean business. For example, if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, Dappir Clean does an amazing job with everything from bathrooms and kitchens to window cleaning. They offer house cleaning in Tampa as well as excellent office cleaning services.

2. Keep it clean all day.

Are you tracking dirt and grime through the office on the soles of your shoes? Do people visit the office regularly? If you have many clients or employees going in and out of the office regularly, you should consider shoe covers. The boot covers are not just for nurses, doctors, and essential workers. And many shoe covers are affordably priced and available in one-size-fits-all options.

Shoe covers prevent contaminants and germs from entering your place of business. Most shoe covers are disposable and available in recyclable polypropylene and polyethylene materials. So, they help the environment and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

3. Disinfect your facility regularly.


It won’t help if the cleaning company does an excellent job, and then your office has infected customers streaming in and out. It’s essential to disinfect the space several times a day yourself. You can’t do a daily carpet cleaning, but you can use a disinfectant spray every time someone enters or leaves the office.

Wipe down frequently touched surfaces and use non-toxic, allergy-friendly products to avoid toxins affecting employees throughout the day. Wipe down shared devices, doorknobs, and appliances often to prevent contamination and spread of the disease.

4. Isolate and close infected spaces.

If any of your employees get COVID-19, disinfect all areas they frequent. It’s essential to prevent the spread of infection immediately. Cordon off any place they’ve been in until you’re sure it’s adequately disinfected. Hire a deep cleaning company that can ensure the removal of all contaminants. Remember to wait at least one day before you visit the area to ensure you’re not infected. It would help if you also considered closing your office for a few days to prevent a cluster outbreak.

5. Ventilate your office space.


Viruses and other germs and contaminants may not spread as quickly through a well-ventilated space. If possible, conduct as much business as you can outside the office. Open doors and windows regularly so that the air has a chance to circulate better. Air your office out at the beginning and end of every day. It’s also a good idea to ventilate any space where you have used chemical cleaners or disinfectants.