In times of uncertainty and chaos, it can be difficult to find a sense of calm. While you may be able to put on a front of cool, collective behavior, that might not be the case internally. Before you sacrifice your wellbeing for the sake of a well-presented persona, remember it’s important to value inner happiness. When you feel your best, it radiates externally and can even spread to others. Need some assistance in finding this unified tranquility? Here are just a few tips to find inner peace.

Your Health Matters

There is an indubitable connection between the health of your physical, mental, and spiritual self. As one aspect improves, the others undoubtedly follow. To find inner peace and a calm mind, you have to start with finding physical wellness. Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and get regular exercise. Be sure to keep up to date with yearly physicals and specialist visits.


If your bloodwork is abnormal, or you have areas of deficiencies, it can affect your daily routines. Low blood sugar, vitamin B12 deficiencies, or a sluggish thyroid can cause fatigue and lack of motivation. A thorough blood panel can show doctors a vast array of your body’s functions and only requires a single visit to the lab. Make the time to care for your body, and you’ll see a change in all areas of your daily life.

Validate your mental wellbeing

Too often patients ignore signs of mental distress in fear of judgment. The stigma around mental illness bears a heavy weight on those who battle with it daily. Anything from general anxiety to personality disorders should be treated with respect and dignity. There is no shame in admitting you need help improving your mental health. In fact, talking to a therapist on a regular basis can have a positive impact not only on individual health but in your relationships and world view. Tangible coping mechanisms are key in order to combat anxiety, depression, and other areas of mental distress.

Sessions with a therapist do more than restore you to a sense of normalcy. The New York therapists at the Therapy Group of NYC will tell you that it’s about finding ways to face your battles with peace, resilience, and self-respect. You deserve to do more than just survive, there are ways to help you thrive. That’s what prioritizing your mental health can do.

Feed Your Soul

It’s important to feed your body what it needs; the same goes for your soul. Your spiritual health should be given as much care and attention as your physical and mental wellbeing. Set aside time in your daily routine to connect with your beliefs. Talk with God, say your prayers, reflect on scripture. If you’re unsure where to begin, seek counsel. It doesn’t have to be a grandeur meeting with a church elder or a spiritual right of passage. Take things one step at a time. Reach out to someone in your life who has a healthy faith base. Ask them for guidance and encouragement.

Go online and find encouraging literature to read first thing in the morning or before going to bed. Gather books by authors like Dante Gebel, Sadie Robertson, or Joyce Meyer. In time, you’ll find preachers, speakers, and areas of spirituality that speak life into you. Follow those inclinations. Find a church to call home and a community of friends with similar beliefs. The best way to feed your soul and find inner spiritual peace is by surrounding yourself with healthy spiritual sources. When you find the right balance of physical, mental, and spiritual healing, you’ll see your life change for the better.