There are plenty of great gift ideas for those who are disabled, especially for individuals who are amputees who have had a recent operation or those who have been without a limb or limbs for a while. For those who are new amputees, gifts that provide comfort during this difficult transition are great to look at while gifts for someone who has already adjusted might be products that help them with their day-to-day lives. No matter which category your friend or a family member falls into, take a look at some of the gift guide for disabled amputees provided below.

Gifts For Comfort

For a recipient who has recently undergone an amputation, the after-effects may be traumatic and readjusting to the life that they once led can be a process that they will need help through. For example, one problem that your friend or family member may be going through is phantom pain, a condition in which they will feel pain in their amputated limb despite there being no more limb for them to feel pain in.

To make your desired party feel more comfortable, you can buy CBD for the health-conscious amputee who is looking to manage their pain in a non-toxic manner or purchase similar products that achieve the same function. If they need gifts that help them feel more comfortable throughout the day, you can purchase prosthetic socks that provide cushioning between the amputated region and any prosthetic items that they may need to wear. If the gift you choose out makes them feel better in any way, shape, or form, it is going to be a well-received present.

Daily Use Items

There are gifts that provide joy and happiness to the person you are giving them to and there are functional gifts that make someone’s life a little easier when they find themselves struggling. Fortunately, for amputees who may not have all the tools they need to get through the day yet, there are plenty of great gift ideas out there.

If the person you plan on giving a gift to has had a leg amputated, for example, you can always choose to buy them useful items like shoe horns to make it easier for them to get their prosthetic leg into their footwear or pieces of clothing that don’t get caught on their prosthetic or wear down easily over time. For someone who may have lost their arm, you could always purchase materials and do small favors around the house, such as installing railings where necessary. If your loved one is in need of gifts that will make it easier to adjust to their disability, the types of gifts like those listed above are excellent options.

Lighthearted Gag Gifts

For individuals who are comfortable with their disability and have almost everything they could possibly need, one excellent gift idea to turn to when you have no other options is the classic gag gift. These gifts are often mugs, T-shirts, or other common items that feature various phrases tailored specifically for amputees or people with disabilities. Again, while this may not be the best gift for everyone in your life, this is certainly one avenue to consider exploring for a close friend who has lived with their disability for a significant period of time. A gift that features a pun or inside joke that someone with a disability would appreciate can help that person feel seen, and bring some more lightness and humor into their life.

No matter who you need to purchase a gift for or what their current situation may be in regard to their disability, there are always great gift ideas for amputees. If you are in need of ideas, consider looking for a gift that falls into one of the three categories above!